El Campus

The Vice-Chancellor’s Office

Located in the downtown in the old building of Veterinary Medicine, suitably transformed and modernized, have installed the flag of government, with the rectory and Services Administration. In addition, they have enabled classrooms, exhibition halls, auditoriums and other facilities for congresses, conferences and various cultural activities. A comprehensive teachers' residence the fate of this singular building remodeling, held in the city to offer society many cultural activities program León University, apart from specific Colleges and Schools. The opening of the final stage adaptation of this huge building took place with a brilliant academic ceremony, attended by nine presidents and regional authorities, provincial and local government, December 18, 1989.

Campus of Vegazana

As a relic of the old property of the Bishop of Leon, were around the capital's people Villaobispo ditches and a farm located at Km 3 on the road to Santander, the "Vega" or "Huerta del Obispo "acquired by the Caja de Ahorros y Monte de Piedad de León, for which, modestly, was named" Centro Universitario de León, while placing the first stone of the building intended to house the College, currenthost Faculty of Arts. The initial extension of the farm was 24.7 hectares. She plots were added, plus access from the neighborhood of La Palomera. The initial input from the district of San Mames, through the meadows of La Palomera, was used to at first be called in this way the campus, finally regaining the place name actually means: Vegazana. The campus began to deal with the first phase of the Faculty of Biology, north of the Biology Faculty of Veterinary erected. The rectangular outline that guided the location of the centers is completed law school and in the center of the four faculties buildings for dining and cafeteria various university services. Other buildings to accommodate more rationally the former Colleges and newly created institutions that have expanded the University, have set up this beautiful campus.

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Campus of Ponferrada

Located in the city of Ponferrada 110 km west of León, Campus of Ponferrada is a commitment to the future of the University of León. Offers degree courses attractive to students, such as degree in Geomatics and Surveying Engineering, Agricultural and Food Engineering Degree, Degree in Forestry and Natural Environment, and Degree Nursing Degree in Physiotherapy, all equipped with modern equipment and services. Began to teach in the year 96/97, in the old hospital building "Camino de Santiago".

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