Leon City and Province

León y provincia

Leon is a city that goes back many centuries, and is a major site and a crossroads on the Camino de Santiago [the Pilgrims’ Way to Saint James of Compostella]. It is about four hours’ journey from Madrid, two from Salamanca and about the same from Spain’s northern coast. Its population is some 150,000 people. This city is an ideal context for learning the Spanish language and its culture.

Leon City is the administrative and commercial centre of Leon Province. It is a welcoming and friendly city that offers visitors a perfect balance between the mediaeval old town and the modern zones surrounding it, as well as an extensive historical and artistic heritage.

Safety and tranquillity, along with a low crime rate, are distinctive features of this city which makes visitors very welcome.

Both the City and the Province of Leon have much to delight the visitor. They can offer a great artistic heritage, rich and varied scenery, and also the hospitality and congeniality of their inhabitants.

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